GCC Hotel and Club is a pioneering and prestigious club has over 2500 distinguished families as members and as part of the GCC family.

The mission statement of GCC Hotel and Club is to provide wholesome sports, fitness, recreation, lifestyle, entertainment and interaction facilities of international levels to its exclusive members.

Why become a member?

  • Affordable membership rates.
  • Exclusive member area with sports facilities such as squash courts, badminton court, table tennis and multi-purpose room all under one roof.
  • 5000 sq.ft unisex gymnasium with separate cardio and strength training.
  • 100 ft swimming pool exclusively for members.
  • Housie on weekend for Members only.
  • Exclusive member discounts on Room Booking and Dinning.
  • Summer camps and tournaments.
  • Monthly member events. Like: Musical Night, Mohmad Rafi Night, Bumper Tambola etc.
  • Special Discounts for Member on Club events Like: New Year Party, Christmas Party, Holi, Baishakhi Di Raat, Lohri, Burning of Ravana, Dandiya Nights and Much more.
  • Affiliation with 100+ clubs located across India and the world.

So whether you wish to excel in sports, keep yourself in the pink of health, spend fun time with your near and dear ones, make friends or just relax; GCC Hotel and Club has everything for each member of your family.